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<< The goal of “Circolo dell’innovazione” is to aggregate people who are running new disruptive business and who are passionate about innovation. We embrace the innovation at 360 degree, exploring every niche of market and all the actors of this ecosystem. Ideations-Educations-Sharing. >>

The criteria that direct CIRCOLO DELL'INNOVAZIONE’s partnership choices are: 

1) People: talented and professional with successful track record who take part in the     creation of value “thinking and acting as owners”. 

2) Economic and financial results: companies who have demonstrated a consistent          cash flow and earnings generation, with a sound balance sheet. 

3) Competitive position: partners with a long-term sustainable competitive                          advantage who are “best in class” or who are able to become the best. 

4) Governance: sympathy of the Boards of Directors in order to share and have fun          with the development.

Matteo Barale.png

Ing. Matteo Barale

Executive Director del

"Circolo dell'innovazione"

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